Daddy~Daughter Dance

The Annual Smoochy Luv Luv Daddy Daughter Dance was last night and my sweet-sweets went and danced their fannies off!  I had TOO much fun making Cal’s dress…and necklace…and hairbow.  (I’m still shocked she actually wore the bow.  All night long.)  I don’t have any pics of the dancing.  It clearly stated on the tickets…NO MOMMIES ALLOWED!  So I had to take pics at the house like it was prom or something.

The relationship between Cal and her Daddy is one of the most beautiful soul connections I’ve ever been witness to.  He was the first one to hold her when she came screaming from the womb.  And it was the sound of his voice that finally got her to stop screaming.  Probably from all those late night in utero chats they had.  He refused to let her be wheeled around in one of those dreadful baby-bubbles, so he carried her everywhere. 

Not a lot has changed in the last four years.  Now instead of carrying her, he carts her around in the car…giving her sugar wafers and flushies (slushies) for breakfast when I’m not looking.  When they got home LATE last night, he told me, “I’m so very proud to be that little girl’s Daddy.” 

Our little family is our whole world.  A world that is oblivious to all the Llama Drama.  A world where wearing PJ’s all day and eating bologna samiches in the bed is perfectly acceptable.  A world that continues to heap the good stuff on us.

“A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again. ”
— Enid Bagnold


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