Puking ‘n Buckets

So I spent all of last night being the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.  It felt like a midget was kicking my butt from the inside out.  I’ve never puked that hard.  Ever.  I was puking so hard that my husband stood there looking horrified shouting things like, “That’s it!  I’m taking you to the hospital!  I’m taking you to the hospital!”

I responded by making my head spin aroun 8 times before blowing chunks in his general direction.  Not sure what happened.  Could’ve been the chinese food from lunch….could’ve been a stomach virus.  Either way, I feel tore up from the floor up. 

But look at these super cute decoupaged buckets I made for Cali’s teachers! 


One Response

  1. Those are some cute buckets. All I’ve got is my store-bought candy. That still doesn’t inspire me to craft, though. That can be your new life-goal! Get Sharon Williams to Craft. We’ll start with the decoupaged (sp?) canvas and follow that with world domination. Feel better soon!

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