Criminally Insane

Okay, now the whole Toyota fiasco makes perfect sense.  At first, I was confused.  I couldn’t get my brain around the Japanese screwing up an automobile.

….(on a side note here, I’ll be you five bucks and a cup of coffee that within three months, the Japanese are gonna blame the whole mess on us Amuricans.  Payments and coffee can be sent via Paypal.)

BUT.  When I “stumbled” across this little article about a mental health clinic in Tokyo, Japan, it all came together like a cog-fest.  I don’t know what crack-pot came up with this idea, but he needs to c’mere to I can smack his dumb self.  Truly.  I say this because I know a little bit about Mental Health Clinic waiting rooms.  I’ve even written an essay entitled: “The Psych Waiting Room: Overheard Conversations.”  So much research has been conducted. 

I struggle to even describe the purpose of this architectural nightmare…so I’ll quote the fools directly:

“The interior design is an attempt to express this philosophy in space. the doors that line the walls of the clinic do not open, and ‘ordinary’ parts of the walls open up into new spaces.  The consultation rooms are entered by sliding the bookshelves sideways. The door at the end of the hallway opens onto a window; the amount of light in the hallway is controlled by
opening and closing the door. By providing alternate perspectives for viewing the world, and avoiding being trapped by pre-existing perceptions, the interior allows visitors and staff members to experience opening new doors in their hearts, one after the other.”

Riiiiight.  While I go and get rid of this brain cramp, why don’t you check out these pics and get one for yerself.  If this whole concept doesn’t make you want to suck your thumb, then you deserve to be waiting in a place like this for all eternity.

P.S.  These people are sadists.  Clinically speaking.


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