R.I.P. Canon A590

On our little jaunt to Atlanta last weekend, my beloved Canon was heinously massacred by a demonic bottle of B12.  I realized this in the lobby of the Diana Exhibit and nearly came unglued.  You hear me?  UNGLUED.  Had to throw everything in the trash…my new bag…pens, pencils, gum, tissues….I would’ve thrown my wallet away too if I’d had a bigger ziploc to cram all my stuff into.  Now the thing smells like zoo and the bleach and Lyson wipes aren’t cutting through the stench. 

I have a theory.  Princess Diana’s life was essentially ended by the paparazzi hounds.  She loathed the cameras.  Massive billboard-sized signs were posted at the entrance of her exhibit, clearly stating NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!  And there I was….slithering in with my camera.  My theory is she put the royal smack-down on me.  That’s right.  The ghost of HRH Princess Diana got all up in my purse and unscrewed my bottle of liquid B12.  She then proceeded to empty the majority of the bottle into every cavity of my camera, sprinkling the rest around the bottom of my purse for good measure.  I can understand her anger.  But why’d she have to get violent?!  Love is what makes the world go ’round. 

Anyway….in one last desperate attempt to have the last word…I snapped this pic of her wedding dress. 

I probably lost some major Karma points with my little fit of rebellion, but hey.  Well behaved women rarely make history, right?  Here’s what I could salvage off my camera….our beautiful weekend of love and happy fun times. 


2 Responses

  1. Great pics! It looks and sounds like you created great memories! Sorry about the camera – is it still working okay?

  2. No, Ma! R.I.P. means DEAD. The dead don’t work. 😉

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