Crayola, Thug Animals and Toddler Rebellion

There was no question that our daughter would cop some ‘tude at some point….but at 4?  That’s a tad fresh.  She reached a memorable milestone a few days ago when she hung signs on her bedroom and bathroom doors, clearly stating that NO PARENTS were to enter under ANY circumstances.  She kept informing her Daddy to “read the sign to remind yourself.”  I’m particularly impressed with how she wrote on the toilet paper without tearing it.  Quite a feat.

So when she was in the bath, we went creeping in her room to see who she’d been hanging out with.  Clearly, she’s being influenced by some seedy characters….of which we do NOT approve.  (For the record..this was how we found things.  Nothing was staged other than the added dialogue.)

And now a word from our sponsor.  Crayola.  There’s a bunch of rip-off kiddie art stuff out there that I make a point of steering clear of.  But Crayola’s stuff is usually top-shelf.  Like the 3-D sidewalk chalk.  That entertained us for days.  Not the chalk, really.  But our kid walking around with 3-D glasses bungee-corded to her face…THAT was better than cable.  So about a week or so ago, I came across Crayola’s Color Surge product (on clearance even!)…and decided to bring it home.  Aw, man.  I give this two thumbs and a toe UP!  I actually hid paper so I could draw by myself when the kid wasn’t looking.  The markers have since been confiscated due to illegal activity….and the paper is in an undisclosed area.  But it was some kinda fun while it lasted!


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  1. I love the way you approach parenthood, with a lot of humor and love. A four year can pick up on lots of things from someone (probably from the animals). Thanks also for the tip on Crayola products. That looks fun and I am probably out of the loop on that sort of thing. My grandkids are in their 20s.

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