Vintage Stamp Saver Books

So I’ve got this cruel friend who drug me into an antique store…KNOWING full well I only had ten minutes before kiddy pick-up time.  Cruel, this woman.  But I did manage to snag me a bag ‘o loot for two dollahs. 

I have a vague memory of my mom putting some orange stamps in a booklet for one reason or another…but I don’t remember much more than that.  I guess they were like coupons?  I dunno.  Anyway…my bag was chuck full of vintage stamp saver books! 

My bag also contained a swell Sewing Susan needle kit…in mint condition, I might add.  How ’bout Etsy and Ebay are charging $15 for this thing!  Lookit, though.  Lookit.  Susan is all like, “Yes, ladiesss.  Watch as I blow your mind with my superior needle skills.  Please.  Try to keep your composure.  It’s not lady-like to hate.”

And the ladies are like the Manson sisters.  “Yes, Susan.  Your skills cannot be denied.”  (spoken in robot voice.)

Then there was a King Kotton Thrift Stamps booklet…completely full.  I couldn’t find much info on the King though.

This one is from Billups…which appears to be a gas station.  It says, “Fill-up with Billups Gasoline & Oils” on the cover.  Couldn’t find much info on them either.

And then there was the MacDonald Plaid Stamp Saver Book….five of them from 1963…completely filled with stamps.  Ebay and a couple of online antique stores are selling them for around $10-$15 each…and theirs weren’t even full of stamps. 

I think I’m going to Walmart…and when I check out, I’ll hand the cashier one of my valuable super stamp saver booklets.  I won’t say a word.  Not a word.  I’ll just stand there…like, “Take my money, imbecile.”  Eh…that’d probably get me sent to the manager’s office where I’d be forced to explain that if it hadn’t been for my cruel friend and her antique pushin’ ways…we wouldn’t BE in this muddle.

And then I’d be promptly arrested by the Lee County Police Department.  And we all know what that means.  I’m finally somebody!!


2 Responses

  1. All’s I know is you’d be stampless without this friend (who sounds awesome, I might add). Just saying.

  2. There’s nothing more sad than a cruel woman in denial.

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