Fancy Nancy Tea Party ~ Josette’s Academy of Dance

I’m giving a shameless plug and some free publicity to Josette’s Academy of Dance today.  Yesterday was the much-anticipated Fancy Nancy Tea Party…and I’m here to tell you now…Josette and her crew flat turned it OUT yo! 

They were on Fox news yesterday and the video can be viewed here.

You know that scene in the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory when they go into the candy room?  The kids were all mesmerized and whatnot?  That was the reaction when the doors were opened to the “Tea Room” yesterday.  Even the adults were like, “Oh no they didn’t!  I want a tea party like this, dadgummit!” 

It was perfectly enchanting.  Pink as far as the eye-ball could see.  China tea cups, petit fours, fizzy punch, butterfly cookies with pink ‘n sparkly sprinkles.  The dance instructors were gussied up like they were going to the Kentucky Horse Derby and there were crowns for each and every chicky-poo there. 

Cali has been attending Josette’s since they opened and she absolutely loves it.  The kids aren’t ruthless competitors and the instructors aren’t perfection-seeking slave masters.  There’s a genuine interest from the instructors toward each child and it’s evident that they are doing what they love.  It’s not just a “job” to them. 

Not only are they excelling within the dance community, they’re also making a deliberate impact on our community.  From the second their doors opened to the public, they have done everything first class.  I think someone up in there has some marketing experience or something….because things are getting done RIGHT. 

This is taken directly from the Josette’s Academy of Dance website:

“Whatever your passion, it’s all here! We offer a wide variety of classes beginning with classics like Ballet, Tap, & Jazz, Musical Theater classes for the dancer that wants to do it all, and an assortment of Adult Classes. We offer one subject classes as well as combination classes.Discounts are available when you register for multiple classes and for referring friends. Check out our class section and register today!  We invite you to visit our studio and preview a class. Josette’s Academy of Dance is dedicated to providing the highest quality training in a positive, encouraging and safe environment. Great care and individual attention is given to nurturing the abilities of each student in order for them to achieve their fullest potential.
We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent dance instruction to beginning, intermediate, recreational, advanced and pre-professional dancers. We would like you to join us. Please stop in and preview a class, talk to our office staff, or take a tour of our studio.”

You can either register on the website or by calling: 229-420-1545.  The tuition is extremely affordable!

Now….on with the pics!  Cali looked like a walking cream puff.  I’m surprised she didn’t claw through her tights because of the itchy tulle.


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