Thrift Store Finds

I’ve been meaning to post these pics and keep getting side-tracked with things like feeding the kid and taking my vitamins.  Me and that crazy friend I was telling you about went to the Attic Sale last weekend.  The Junior League sponsored it and I have to say, they did a crackerjack job.  It was organized and there weren’t any casualties or mob fights.  And the prices were swell!!

I was stoked to find a vintage Anchor Hocking Tang Jar…WITH the lid.  50 cents!  My most valuable find was the Tulle Tree.  You mock it all you want.  Once I trick it out for Christmas, you’ll WISH you had one.  I had 8 people tried to mug me in the parking lot outside the Attic Sale…trying to take my Tulle Tree.

Here’s some of the junk I rustled up.  I found quite a few vintage books for my collage work.  One in particular caught my eye….a 1922 copyright copy of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress‘, with a man’s handwriting inside the cover: W.C. Barrett, March 14, 1932, Albany Georgia.  I bought the book on March 15th.  Seventy-eight years later!!

Anyway, the story scared the crap out of me as a kid….I took the book literally and didn’t want anything to do with Christianity because that would entail me having to contend with scary people and bogs.

Another great find was a vintage Golden Book Encyclopedia that a Grandmother had given to her grandchild in 1997.  She had written this on the inside cover.  (Check out that peace sign down by her name in the picture):

“Every day we learn and live and breathe – we become all our tomorrows.  I know that sounds heavy – but reading is the key to the WORLD.  I know these are older…but know what?  So is your Granny!  And I started to learn on books exactly like these.  Enjoy for a lifetime.  Hugs and Kisses, Your Grandmother.”


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