Derek Taylor – Canines, Kilts and Chili Dogs. I’m “Smitten”!

Okay, before I give my review of Derek Taylor’s art show, I’m giving mad props to the girls at Smitten Photos who took this fab publicity shot of Derek.  Amber Humphries and Greta High-Reynolds.  Two chicks  and a camera who don’t just take pictures….they capture moments.  Now ya’ll who know me can vouch that I don’t go throwing compliments around at will.  Dare I say….I’m not easily impressed?

But this Smitten business has my Gold Seal of Approval.   Everyone has their own idea of what’s hot and what’s not…and I’m fairly certain that the majority of my readers will find Smitten’s work smokin’ hot.  So go check them out, make an appointment, give them support…whatever you wanna do.  Just take notice, people…okay?

Now.  Onto “Canines, Kilts and Chili Dogs”.  I’m always interested in art shows and their dynamics…not because I’m an artist myself…but because I’m a hardcore people-watcher.  You could have one stark piece of artwork in the middle of an empty room and it would ellicit a different emotion/reaction from each person who laid eyes on it.  That’s the beauty of art.

Derek Taylor is the man behind the chili dogs.  The show was held in a quaint southern-style house…but the art itself had a strong, warehouse feel to it.  Made me want to drink beer and pound my chest.  Very manly.  Or so I thought.  Derek’s diversity stood out in his  paintings of children, hunting dogs, golfers, crusty sailors peering out of life preservers, barmaids painted onto planks of wood and, of course…..chili dogs.

It was not-at-all-pompous and the Artist himself was very approachable.  For a man in a kilt.  One never quite knows how to approach a man in a kilt.  Do you go straight in for the handshake and intro?  Or do you casually come in from the side?  I went straight in.  I’m not a side-winder kind of gal.

I often hear Albany folks complaining about never having anything to do.  “There’s no place to go in this town!  Where’s the culture?!”  I believe I hung out for a couple of hours in the midst of some comfy culture tonight.  Proof positive that if you look beyond your driveway….good things can be found.

So thanks for bringing some fab art back to the Good Life City, Derek.  It made this big-city girl feel a little more at home.


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