Randy Neugebauer – He Did It.

This man may have developed the cure for cancer, solved world hunger and brought peace to the planet…but he will now forever be known as that “Baby Killer” guy who showed out on the floor of Congress during the history-making Health Care Reform vote.  Took him a couple of days to fess up, but fess up he did.  Probably because Jadanovich was on his front porch, pounding on the door saying, “You better tell ’em you did it, fool! They done went and put this mess on my Wiki bio!”

I could fly off the handle here and say a lot of mean things…but that would put me in the same trash can with people like Neugebauer and the guy who called John Lewis the “N” word 15 times in succession.  I have strong beliefs.  REAL strong.  But I also respect the rights and beliefs of others.  I’m cool like that.

Randy Neugebauer has successfully taken the GOP back down the ladder and dug a six-foot hole for them to fall into.  And that’s not fair to all the GOOD Republicans out there who hold themselves to higher ideals.  Regardless of high emotions run amok,  there are certain rules you abide by within Congress.

The most violent and emotional outbursts have been instigated by conflicting opinions revolving around the subject of abortion.  I’ve never quite understood the reasoning behind Pro-Lifers who resort to violent extremes.  It’s a complete paradox.  “Don’t kill babies or I’ll kill you!”  See?  It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Word is that Negebauer’s constituents won’t have a problem at all with their leader’s outburst.  If anything, they’ll give him a homecoming parade.

P.S. An unnecessary war is another profound “Baby Killer”.  Just trying to keep things in perspective here.


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  1. These guys seem bent on taking choices away from the rest of us. If God gives me choices, who are they to take them away?

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