Scared of Easter Bunny

No time for deep theoretical posts for the next few days.  My kid is on Spring Break and it takes a circus and three street performers to keep her entertained and out of trouble.  Not to mention that I’m trying to finish up her Easter dress.  Because I’m a masochist.

Okay, last year I did a drive-by on our local Mall-dwelling Easter bunny and decide it’d be in my best interest not to let my kid anywhere near him.  His suit was dirty.  Especially his paws.  His whiskers were all askew and you could see his filthy loafers up under his foot fur.  To top it all off, they were charging $80 for one 4×6 photo of your precious muffin sitting on this ex- convict’s lap.

No bunny will be able to top the bunny we brunched with last year up in North Carolina.  He made me want to crawl into his lap and ask for a story and eggs.  But I figured that’d be inappropriate and humiliating for my mother-in-law.  So I took a million pics of him instead.  Check out his handsome self:

Now…without further adew (typo intentional)…I give you…kids and the rabbits who made them cry.  This first one is the worst.  LOOK at that bunny!!!!  He’s done bad things.  I can tell. 


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