Hunt of the Prom Dress

I halfway over-heard something on CNN this morning about some high school seniors who got their butts paddled for wearing skanky prom dresses.  I didn’t know they still spanked?!  That’s brave though….paddling high school seniors.  I can tell you here and now that I would NOT have participated in those reindeer games.  Because how do you know the kid won’t turn on you in mid-swing and give YOU the paddling?  You don’t know!  Kids are ruthless these days!  And high school seniors aren’t really kids.  They’re like adults without the brains.  So it’d be just like them to turn on a teacher and put a whoopin’ on them.

I didn’t have time to Google the paddling story because my kid was too busy kicking holes in the footboard of my bed and throwing Reese’s Pieces shells all over my floor.  So here are some of my personal gown faves.  I’m all about the blue.  Blue bigness.  That’s my style. 


One Response

  1. Hi
    My daughter is extremely anxious to know where to locate the “elegant-prom-dress”.
    Website would be great.

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