You Rarely See

You Rarely See (written by April Trice)

You rarely see…

The mother who cries when she fails at being a mother for the day.  When going to the park seems monumental and making Kool-Aid is equivalent to developing a cure for lymphatic cancer.

You rarely see…

The woman who became a mother at 14 and gets up at 4 a.m. every day, works a full shift then goes to school at night…so maybe…just maybe she can beat the odds and create a better life for her child.

You rarely see…

The woman who chooses life over death.  Black over white.  Cats over mice.

You rarely see…

The child who turns in confusion, wondering where he belongs, where he resides, where is his worth.  Standing in open door-ways, waiting for something..someone…that they know should be there…but never shows up.

You rarely see…

Those underpaid angels with clipboards walk into the lives of these confused children and pull them out of the cracks.

You rarely see…

Them hunched over paperwork, a state employee…actually doing their job.

You rarely see…

Twin souls connect or feel the pressure and pain of their union in your chest.

You rarely see…

The moment a decision is made to walk away from seeming stability toward the unknown that somehow feels right.

You rarely see…

The moment a birth mother places a piece of her very being into the arms of a stranger.  Or when she places the Novocaine on her heart and soul.

You rarely see…

A cat lose any life but its last.

You rarely see…

Paint actually dry, even if you’ve watched it for hours.

You rarely see…

The signs and synchronisaties that bring two souls together…only their merging.

All this I ponder.

On this I dwell.

If you can’t see it…

Your vision will.


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  1. This is very thought provoking and well written. I really like the ideas in it. Keep up the good work

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