The Fawn’s Lover

The Fawn’s Lover

You may see me here.

But I’m there.

Over there.

I live in Narnia.

I’m having a love affair with the Fawn.

I don’t mind that he’s half man…




I don’t mind.

I want to live in a hobbit hole.

I want to walk hunched through my tunnel.

Fetching rye bread and root vegetables.

I want to drink ale with the Beavers in front of a cozy fire.

What do you mean, I can’t go?

But I’m already there!

All of you…

YOU are the strangers who have over-stayed your welcome.




I’m late for a date with the Fawn…

And will be dining with Bilbo

In the valley

At dusk.

(written by April Trice)


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