The Strong Willed Child

The Strong Willed Child

I came here



Ready to fight.

Hush! You say.

There’s no lullaby.

Where’s the lullaby?

I speak,

You become nervous.

Uncomfortable truths?

Would the whole world shun you

If they knew the real you?

I came here


A blessing and a curse.

I see through the fog

And swallow the hurt.

Love one another!

You preach, testify.

Then damn me to hell

Without telling me why.

Because I asked questions?

Questioned your truth?

Should I have to accept

What holds true for you?

It’s all so damn ludicrous

And petty

And dry.

If God were right here

Do you think he’d ask why?

He’s love, remember?

Unfiltered and pure.

Uncondtional, even.

I know!

How absurd!

What gaul on his part

To even suggest

That we open our minds

To what once we did jest.

The whole point is this.

The details are pointless.

I’m not going to hell.

Even with your finger-pointing.

A reminder


In case you forgot.

I came here with a purpose

Be silenced I will not.

I will speak my truth

The dark and the sick.

And I won’t hang my head


Be ashamed



(written by April Trice)


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