Amazing Free Printables

I’m all about some free stuff.  But then you know that already.  So today I decided to pass along some fab freebies that can add some jazz into your drabby life.  (I realize that ‘drabby’ isn’t in the dictionary.  So don’t email me about it.)  Lots of great artwork for collage and journaling.  Enjoy!

1) The Enchanted Fairy

2)  Handmade lip gloss with printable labels:

3) Cookie Gift Sleeves:

4)  Blue Print Wrapping Paper:

5)  Mini Gift Bags:

6)  Lunch Labels:

7)  Pie Chart:

8)  Monogram Labels:

9)  Vintage Betsy McCall Paper Dolls (entire collection):

10)  Little Miss Alice Paper Doll:

11)  Enchanted Art Doll (great art for collage work):

12)  Collage Art (tons of vintage!):

13)  Vintage Postcards:

14)  Vintage Images:

15)  Ephemera Graphic Designs:

16)  The Graphics Fairy (tons of images):

17)  Paper Purse

18)  Paper Pinwheels:

19)  Button Box:

20)  Unique Paper Textures:


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