Disturbing Retro and Vintage Ads

There’s some pretty creepy advertising out there, peeps.  Some of them are selling stuff.  Some are Public Service Announcements.  This particular billboard is a few streets away from where I live:

But hey!  There was some seriously jacked up ads from way back when.  Truly.  If you rolled out this stuff today, someone would get sued, divorced, forced into bankruptcy and wind up on “Oprah” having their clock cleaned.  There’s no excuse or explanation for this mess!

YOU be the judge:


2 Responses

  1. I have no idea what “seriously jacked” means but I’m assuming it’s not a compliment. I love old ads – always have.

    The only one that’s really “jacked” is that Love’s Baby soft ad. I don’t care what decade its from – that’s just wrong.

  2. The coffee ad is unbelievable. “I said one sugar in my coffee woman” awful.

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