Eau Du Stinky

Hope all the Mamas out there had a swell Mother’s Day.  Mine was spectacular.  I may quite possibly be the luckiest Mom on the planet!

I wrote this in one of my Journals a couple of years ago….and things really haven’t changed much since then:


She smells like slobber and a runny nose.  Sweaty hair plastered to her forehead and stuck to ears, no doubt hardening to crust throughout the night.  That little bump on her ear worries me.  But such perfectly shaped ears!  Her purple footy jammies smell like feet, even after I wash them.  She’s getting so big.  Less baby…more toddler.

“You dont touch me, it’s MINE!”, she let me know today.


She smeared hot-pink toothpaste all over the guest room comforter.

She found a blue pencil and drew circles all over the laundry room door.

She crammed stickers in her mouth and almost choked to death on the letter “R”.

She washed my hair in the bath tonight and covered me up when I laid beside her.

She tried to feed her foot corn at supper and demanded to watch Max & Ruby long after bedtime.

She danced away the day to “Rockin’ Robbin” and lined her rocks up in various locations thru the house.

This room smells like her.  A heady combination of Sweet Pea, Motrin, slobber and baby wipes.

I wish I could bottle this.

The essence of my daughter.

Eau Du Stinky.


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