Retro Arts and Crafts, Summer Frocks and One Crafty Project

Well, school is now out for the summer.  I’ve got the youngun’ all set up with various camps throughout the summer with a couple of vacations squeezed in.  And I’ve come up with a project.  I’d call it a “Summer Project”, but there’s no human way I could do it in three months.  I’ll be lucky to complete it in a year.

I’ve got an impressive stash of Childcraft encyclopedias that I mainly use for my collage projects.  But there’s one in particular…the “Make and Do” edition…that has me intrigued.  It’s slam full of retro arts and craft projects that you don’t see everyday….but if you’re old enough….you might remember them from your childhood days.

Tin can stilts.  Yarn dolls.  A submarine (with working periscope!) made out of a cardboard box.  Boats out of walnuts shells, how to make clay people, circus animal costumes, puppets and marionettes, how to follow animal tracks….and on we go.  So I’ve decided to work my way through the book.  Kind of like a crafty version of “Julie & Julia”. 

I guess I’ve got this pipe dream that I want my kid to remember her summers as more than boring days filled with video games, DVD’s and mindless banter.  She may or may not be a willing participant in my crafty reindeer games…but I’m sure as sunshine gonna make her walk on them tin-can stilts!

I’m still working on Cali’s summer frocks ‘n smocks.  Here’s what I’ve got completed so far.  And dare I say……I’ve started on my Christmas stuff already!! 


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