Campbell Brown Leaves CNN Prime Time

I fell in love with Campbell Brown back in September of 2008 when she took John McCain’s spokes-dummy, Tucker Bounds, and strung him up like a Christmas ham.  I remember jumping up out of my chair and yelling, “Yeah, Campbell….sick ’em, girl….BITE him!!!”

In case you missed it, I suggest you watch it for yourself:

Not five minutes later, Tucker went crying to McCain…”Mmmwahhh…she hit me, sir!”

And what did Sissy Pants McCain do in response?  He took his ball, stuck out his bottom lip and went home in a cloud of harrumph.  The McCain camp refused to give Larry King his interview because Campbell had “gone over the line”.

So this morning when I learned she was leaving CNN, I snarled a bit.  But then when I saw that she left on her own terms….because she realized her show was getting crappy ratings…she shot through my glass Roof ‘o Respect.  It take big ones to stand up and say, “Yeah.  I suck.  See ya on the flip-side.”  BIG ones.

Campbell…you’ll be missed.  Thanks for proving that on-air journalists and political spokespeople aren’t all sell-outs.  Keep on keepin’ it real, girl.

That’s no bull.


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