The Intrigue of European Toys

Sometimes I wish I lived in Scandinavia.  Or Norway!  Not because of the beautiful swedes and lack of water and air pollution…but for the toys.  I love toys.  But not your run-of-the-mill stuff like Barbie, Disney, Fisher-Price, etc.  I like the unique.  The sturdy.  Toys that make you use your imagination and give an air of enchantment.  European toys are like this.  Maybe they’re smarter.  Maybe they’re not slaves to the cookie-cutter brand name manufacturing machine.  Maybe their toy-makers actually keep the child at the forefront of their minds when they design their toys instead of potential earnings.

Some of my over-the-ocean faves that make Toys-R-Us look like a public restroom in a seedy part of town:

Kids Scandinavian Shop




Mini Mishka

Kathe Kruse


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