B.P. – Baneful Pus

That’s right.  You heard me.  Baneful Pus.  Malignant Seepage.  Venomous Ooze.  Noxious Discharge.  Annihilating Blister.  Catchin’ my drift?

I’ve sat semi-quietly up until now…mortified by BP’s man-made oily disaster…even more so by the complete and total lack of responsibility by not only BP….but also by our elected officials.

I’m not quiet anymore.  I’m downright pissed.  Let me start by saying that I’m a hard-core democrat.  During the presidential election, I had an Obama/Biden sign in my front yard which resulted in being shunned by neighbors and drive-by stink eyes.  While in North Carolina, some hill-monkey hollered “African-American Lover!”….only he didn’t use politically correct language.  (I have an Obama bumper sticker on my car…I’m actually shocked he could read it.)  This occurred in the parking lot between Big Lots and K-Mark.  I wanted to slam on my breaks, get out the car and ask him to spell his name real fast…just so I could watch his illiterate self stutter and stammer through his two teeth.  Like I said…hard-core.

But Obama’s response to this whole BP nightmare…or should I say apparent lack thereof…is starting to make my forehead furrow.  Even if there’s nothing he can do…he can at least go stand by the water’s edge and ACT like he gives a damn.  Maybe pick up an oil-logged bird, gasping for its last breath of life.  Or stick his hand down into the water so he could see the tar stick to his fingers.  Maybe he should pay a visit to these clean-up workers who are already showing dismal signs of sickness, a direct result of their contact with the oil and its residue.

Everyone seems to be so friggin’ concerned with bottom lines and profit margins that they fail to see the disastrous impact this screw-up will have for years to come.  Human and natural ecological worth has been buried beneath political jockeying, greed and an absence of conscience.

I’m now hearing people say, “Well, Obama isn’t being told the whole story.”  Turn on the TV, you idiot!  Walk out onto the street and ask a homeless bum for details!  Chances are, he knows more than YOU do!   If republican, democrats, tea-partiers and elected officials would put as much effort into holding BP’s feet to the flames as they do to chewing on each other’s jugulars….then we’d make some headway here.

Meanwhile, an entire population of brown pelicans is dying off the Louisiana coast.  Pelican eggs sit coated in oil, resembling demonic easter eggs.  Mounds of dead jelly-fish float alongside oil clots in the Gulf of Mexico.  Scientists are unable to even determine what this will do to our ecosystem.

In a world of machines, industry and technology, we’ve become blind to the fact that we are all reliant on each other.  That includes plant, animal and marine life.  One small example:

1)  Oil kills off the majority of fish.

2)  Fishermen are unable to work.  Which means they can’t buy things.  Which means our economy is strongly effected…driving up prices beyond what we can afford.

3)  The little bit of fish that ARE harvested quadruple in price.  Which means restaurants and grocery stores have to pay more…and once again your wallet takes a hit.

Everyone with authority keeps repeating, “Minimal damage, people!  You won’t feel a thing!”

Yeah….maybe humans won’t feel a thing.  But our ecological system is shot to hell and back.  And that doesn’t matter, does it?  No.  Because what lies beneath the surface doesn’t exist.  Right?  Isn’t that what’s being said, thought and projected?  Unless it’s taking food out of our mouths or ripping money out of our hands…we don’t give it much consideration.

Perhaps we need to realize that what ISN’T seen is usually what matters most.  What affects us most.  What we depend on most.  What we take for granted the most.

Our country sits in fear, dreading another terrorist attack and tragedy.  What we NEED to fear is ourselves.  It seems to me that WE are our own worst enemy.

“The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago… had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.”

~Havelock Ellis,(The Dance of Life), 1923


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