Fabulous Felty Party Favors

If I could get a fat paycheck for giving gifts, I’d be SO all over that.  If there’s no occasion that calls for gifts, I’ll make one up.  I swear, I will.  So imagine my unfiltered jubilation when  I found these felt party favors!  Now I want to crash a random party so I can throw these favors around and leave…..like a happy shiny Robin Hood.  I’d probably get arrested by the infamous Dougherty County Po-Po though….but I’m not skeered.  I’d like to think a friendly felt party favor bribe would wipe my life ‘o crime slate clean.

So behold.  Marvel at the cuteness.  I’m going to make a heaping pile of these things.


One Response

  1. The felt animals are so adorable. I love the frog and the turtles.

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