Shortcake and Short Dresses

Another Memorial Day come and gone.  I’ve felt like doo-doo the past few days so I didn’t stray too far from home.  After almost year of whining and foliage-related nightmares, the Husband finally massacred the rabid hydrangea bush that had been blocking the sun from the back half of our house since we bought the place.  The kid was in the pool all day and has developed an enviable hillbilly tan and an abnormal appetite for miniature pancakes (she ate 20 in one haul).

I made a massive strawberry shortcake parfait thingy…homemade whipped cream and everythang.  I pretty much ate the entire bowl.  There might me a couple of bites left….maybe.  I promise you they won’t be there when the sun rises tomorrow.

I also whipped up a sun dress for Cali.  I love this Debbie Mumm fabric.  So soft and thin you can barely feel it on your skin.  That’s pretty much the only kind of thing Cali will wear.  If it feels like she’s got clothes on…she doesn’t want to wear it.   (Where did she COME from, anyway?!)

‘Oceans of Fun’ starts tomorrow and I’ll be there to drop the kid off at least ten minutes early.  Woot!


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