Nick Pozzi Says Keep It Simple Stupid

Why is it that when we hear someone give a simple solution to a difficult problem, we automatically discount its effectiveness?  We assume that the more complicated, mind-boggling solutions are the answer.   

This is precisely what’s going on with Nick Pozzi’s suggestion to effectively clean up this BP oil spill.  Now if only the people who could make it happen would return his calls. “No one’s listening,” says Nick Pozzi, who was an engineer with Saudi Aramco in the Middle East when he says an accident there in 1993 generated a spill far larger than anything the United States has ever seen. According to Pozzi, that mishap, kept under wraps for close to two decades and first reported by Esquire, dumped nearly 800 million gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf, which would make it more than 70 times the size of the Exxon Valdez spill.

But remarkably, by employing a fleet of empty supertankers to suck crude off the water’s surface, Pozzi’s team was not only able to clean up the spill, but also salvage 85 percent of the oil, he says.

“We took [the oil] out of the water so it would save the environment off the Arabian Gulf, and then we put it into tanks until we could figure out how to clean it,” he told AOL News.

And whaddya know…BP refuses to return his phone calls or give him five minutes of their pathetic time.  Granted, there are substantial differences between the Saudi and BP oil spills.  The 1993 spill involved sweet Arabian crude, not deep-water Gulf oil (not all oil is the same). The 1993 spill also involved a finite amount of oil. The BP spill is ongoing and difficult to estimate both the amount and how long it may continue to spill.

But certainly the process could be tweaked, doncha think?  Maybe BP ought not be in control of idea-hatching and experimentation.  It’s obvious the BP geniuses are nowhere NEAR the state of genius.  They’re off wandering around in a field, sucking their oily thumbs and waiting for their mama’s to come finish breast-feeding them their dinner and bedtime snack.

All I’m sayin’ is this….give Pozzi’s idea some thought!!  I think BP is being doggy territorial with this whole cleanup operation.  They should just pee all over the Gulf of Mexico to mark their spot.  Oh wait.  They did that already.  Because everyone knows BP execs pee oil. 

If this mess screws around with my vacation beach plans in September…BP might be on the receiving end of The Wrath of Ape.


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