Kid’s Art, Fashion, Books and Toys

Sometimes I wish my ADD would go jump off a cliff.  It’s the bane of my existence.  Truly.  Why, you ask?  Because being an artist, writer, photographer, mama, Coffee Maker, Housekeeper, Zoo Keeper, Humorist and Spouse….all at the same time…is a bit nerve-racking.  If it weren’t for my ADD….I could pull the whole thing off with aplomb.  Instead, I write a sentence, make a sandwich, clean the bathroom, paint one square inch on a canvas, laugh at my husband, curse the cat, then remember I forgot to take my meds.

Nothing makes me warm ‘n fuzzier than children’s art, books, fashion and toys.  Especially off-the-beaten-path stuff.

Like THIS!  (Click image to visit website)


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