Craft Fail of the Century

It’s hard for me to know what to say here.  There are some folks out there who should just back away from the craft table…ya know what I mean?  Then there are some who need intense psychological evaluation and possible hospitalization.  The “crafter” of the product shown above is one of those people.

And what exactly IS this botched crafty craft craft?  A mitten?  Mmm…no.  A sock?  Mmm…no.  A kilt gone awry?  Mmm…no no NO.  I want you to brace yourself here.  Go empty your bladder, have prayer and devotions and come on back.


Okay.  You ready?  Okay.  Craft Fail of the century…..(drumroll puhlease)….


You puked a little in your mouth, didn’t you?  It’s okay.  I came a bit unglued myself after realizing what I was looking at.  Then I started thinking….what exactly IS the process here?  At what point did these women look at each other and say, “Our planet is in peril.  We must go forth and sew maxi-pads.  Women unite!”

I thought maybe this particular craft-fail was one in a million.  You know…a lone weird wolf who was out to save the world.  But then Google informed me that I was sadly mistaken.  Turns out there’s an intensely devoted underground movement dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of reusable feminine hygiene products.  I have no doubt that I’ll receive hate mail after I publish this post, condemning my wonton ways and irresponsible reporting.  Not to mention my complete lack of  a conscience. Would it be out of line if I replied, “Don’t get your panties ‘n pads in a wad!”?

If you think I’m lying, here’s hard-core evidence.  (I’m kinda partial to the Cupcake Maxi myself.)

Riddle me this…ya think these pads could soak up the oil in the Gulf?  THAT would be pretty impressive… and eco-friendly to boot! Just sayin’….

For my readers who secretly want a stash ‘o pads of their very own….here’s a pattern for ya.  Click on the image for detailed instructions.  May the force be with you, ladies.  May the force be with you.


6 Responses

  1. That is nasty. Haven’t these women heard of OB tampons? That is about as environmentally friendly as I’m willing to go.

  2. Oh, just go get yourself some Lunapads 😛 Those wings look like they may CAUSE a leak more than trying to save one 😀 I’m not saying I could do any better though, lol. Better to spend some money and buy some working ones, rather than having an… accident 😐

  3. People actually use these?? There are some things that just shouldn’t be reusable….

  4. Thanks for your funny commentary on my fail. Here’s the link to the original post in case any of your readers want to read it:

  5. A for effort….somewhat less for the execution. 🙂 hahaha These are harder to sew than they look.

    To the naysayers, look up how long it’s going to take for all these disposable diapers and sanitary products to decompose. It’s going to be a pretty gross world for the future inhabitants. I’m just sayin…

    • I hear ya! The more I keep reading about the long-term effects of the diaper/napkin disposal problems, the more tempted I am to look at the reusable options. But I’ll buy…definately won’t try to sew them. My craft fail would trump the one shown here…fer sure!

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