Altered Book Challenge

I’m loving me some altered books.  LOVING THEM!  I wish I could find a workshop or something to learn a bit more about them….but alas.  The town I live in sucks rotten eggs and wouldn’t know alternative art education if it bit ’em in the hiney like a rattle snake.  So…self-taught it is.

Instead of random alterations, I’ve decided to use a theme:  The Book of Me.  A horror novel, to be sure.  Actually I plan on taking Journal excerpts and creating pages from those entries.  Should be interesting considering my Journals date back 30 years.

There will no doubt be a great many  “I hate my parents!  I want to run away!” and “I love (enter random boy’s name).  Does he know I’m alive?”

This is where I’ve started.  I’m using an ancient law-book from the Oxford Institute.  I found a whole set of them a few years back for like 75 cents.

And here are some seriously accomplished books.  What I love is that it’s quickly becoming a highly respected art-form.  The International Society of Altered Book Artists (ISABA)is proof-positive of that.


2 Responses

  1. Great start on your altered book and the others are fabulous. I belong to an online art community. If you go there and click on “Learn” button at the top it will take you to an area with lot’s of how-to lessons. There is one on altered books as well…Sherry

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