From Book Making to Doll Making

Okay, add dolls to my list of luv-luvs.  I never really played with dolls as a kid…but I did have an impressive china doll collection.  And a generic cabbage patch kid that a church-lady made for me.  I would LOVE to learn how to make the Waldorf dolls.  Their little faces make me wanna pinch something.

Now.  About those “Reborn” dolls.  I’ve held one before and it flat creeped me out the door.  It felt real, looked real, smelled real…it made me more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I saw a documentary about Deborah King (the artist) and realized that these dolls are a phenomenal work of art.  I think she’s one of the only artists in the world who have mastered this type of doll-making.  What’s even more interesting are the people who buy these dolls.  A large portion of Deborah’s clientele are women who have lost babies or can’t have children of their own and turn to Reborn for some sense of comfort and fulfillment.  It’s all very intriguing.

Would you just look at these babies?!  Now, bow down and worship Deborah King and her most royal awesomeness:

And here’s my doll.  I know it’s a drop off a cliff to go from Reborn to flossy, here.  But just like with the altered books…I have no clue what I’m doing.  This doll WILL have arms and legs at some point.  I’m not a stump-maker.

….and here’s what I’ve done with my altered book so far.  I’m just not digging my style.  I’m hoping to evolve.


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  1. love what you have done so far with the book…especially the doors page…

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