Busy Busy

Ya know, we almost named our daughter ‘Busy’.  Seriously.  We did.  We had one of those ear-phone contraptions that allowed you to hear what was going down in utero.  We’d look at each other and whisper, “What is she DOING in there?!”

Now that we know her on a personal level, she was no doubt carving her name on the wall, doing cartwheels and throwing her Steak ‘n Shake cheese fries all over the place in there.  She’s still one of the busiest kids I’ve ever seen.  I’m constantly telling her, “You’re the hardest working kid in the industry!”

On a completely different subject…..Father’s Day.  We stanky spoiled the man of the house with a riding lawn mower and pimpin’ tool box.  Cali was singing in church that morning, so she got herself all glamorous and whatnot.  That’s her new thing.  Being a fashionista.  I’ll have to start taking pics of some of her ensembles and accessories.  Cuh-RAZY!

Anyway…there she was in her finery when her Daddy informed her that we weren’t going anywhere until she picked up the crayons she’d thrown all over the den.  And without missing a beat, she informed him:

“Beautiful girls don’t do that.  We don’t clean.”

What?!  I guess having a live-in maid has spoiled the child.  Kidding.  No live-in maid here.  Just me and the old man….and a smart mouth kid…and a chronically depressed cat.

So, the purpose of this post was simply to point out that I’ve been terribly busy here of late…hence, the lack of posts.  We’ve got tons going on ’round here and I’m doing my best to maintain my center.  It gets difficult some days.

Carry on now, people.  Carry on.


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