Organize and Store!

I think we’ve all got one or two friends who are invited into our home on a limited basis.  This isn’t because we’re cruel and unusual…it’s because these friends live in the land of Anal Retention and what we consider normal is an infested rat hole seeping with toxic waste to them.  They might not say it to your face….but watch ’em next time they’re around.  They’re the ones trying really hard not to be obvious about checking out all your stuff…and making that face you make when trying to hide disgust.

Now, my husband and I are fairly picky about things…my husband especially.  The word “fussy” comes to mind.  I used to joke around about getting him a fancy holster for his Dust Buster.   Now I’m serious about it.  When I bring this up, he tightens up his apron strings and says, “You better be happy I’m like this, woman!  Now hush and quit dropping Pop Tart crumbs all over the clean carpet!”

The fact that our kid is a Grade A slob is proof that God has a keen sense of humor.  About once a month, we pull out her bed and invite the colony of pygmy’s out for cookies and juice.  Her bedroom would look like it came smack off a magazine cover….if there weren’t stock-piles of crackers and candy up under the bed, crayon and marker all over the bunk beds, paint scraped off the woodwork and trim, 5,000 books sitting around in mini towers and a sticky residue on every flat surface.

We stopped fighting that battle about a year ago.  I figure when she’s 13 and one of her friends says, “Eww, Cali!  Your room is foul!”…..then maybe the peer pressure will make her change her ways.  Until then, we do our best to keep out the vermin and wipe down the surfaces.

I’m in the process of changing some things around in my mud/laundry room. Not really sure what I’m going to do…but I’ve got to do something.  The jackets and shoes are beginning to take over. I found these yummy organizational inspirations while searching for ideas.


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