Lightening Strikes

It’s been jungle hot down here in the dirty south…so hot that there have been heat advisories for the past few days.  Two nights ago a storm popped up and knocked our power out for several hours.  When everything was turned back on, we found out that Cali’s TV had blown up, the Wii was fried and our Direct TV was hosed.    Yeah.  Two weeks before the start of school and there’s no TV or Wii??!!  Is this some kind of sick joke?

At any rate, Nintendo is replacing the Wii and Matt had to track down the President of Direct TV to get a tech out here tomorrow.

The lightening apparently hit the main breaker behind our house…all I know it was the loudest thing I’d ever heard in my life.  My teeth actually  moved.  Surprisingly it didn’t wake Cali up…she freaked out when she got up to go potty and all the lights were out.  Matt had the genius idea to go to Dairy Queen literally seconds before the storm started, so he wasn’t home.  So while Cali and I sat in front of a platter full of tea lights, I tried to explain that back in the old days, there were no lights, no TV, no iPods, no Kindles, Blackberries, laptops…..nothing.  It was obvious that Cali’s brain couldn’t absorb such atrocities.

It kinda made me wonder If I could make it without all my toys with plugs.  I’d like to say that it’d be no problem….but I’m not so sure.  I’d like to sit and ponder these things…but Cali wants to build things with ham and crackers.  I guess I’ll go join her.


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  1. Great post! It makes you wonder if we could make it without the comforts that we now enjoy. It does sound nice to spend some time with the family in the glow of tea lights, but only if it’s not too hot.

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