The Dude Gone Bad

So last night the Husband and I finally got around to watching “Crazy Heart”.  Not much else to watch considering the Direct TV is still hosed from the lightning storm.  Now let me preface by saying I’m a long-time worshipper of The Dude.  You know…that zen pot-smoking bowler from the Big Lebowski?  Yeah, him.  I don’t worship him for his drug use and leisure activities.  I worship him because of his royal dude-ness.

Jeff Bridges, up to this point, has always been “The Dude” to me….regardless of his other films.  But watching “Crazy Heart” changed all that.  The movie has a typical woe-is-me plot….Bridges is “Bad Blake”, the burned out country music singer who drinks too much, smokes too much, been married too much and don’t care too much.  You can practically smell his badness through the flat-screen.  And I don’t mean “bad” as in “good”.  I’m talking about cheap whisky, unfiltered cigarettes, vomit, sweat, unwashed skin and hair, rotting liver and emphysema fumes.  All that just seeping out of Jeff Bridges…my beloved Dude.

I’m one of those people who talk out loud during movies.  Yep.  One of “those”.  So throughout the movie, I kept yelling out, “Dude, button up your pants!  Go bathe!  C’mon, Dude!  Don’t puke in the trash-can!  Don’t crash your car!  Oohhh, Dude!  What have you done?  WHAT HAVE YOU DOOONE?!”

All in all, a great movie.  I can see why Bridges was nominated for that Oscar.  But here’s my personal synopsis of the flick:

Crazy Heart: What happened when The Dude stopped giving a crap.


2 Responses

  1. i believe he won the oscar for his performance? right? i haven’t seen it yet. by the way – have you seen The Amateurs?

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