Back to School

Ahh…we did it.  One more summer under our shredded belt.  And just in time!  Cali and I were about to gnaw through some bark and eat spark plugs just for a change of scenery and pace. I guess we both thrive in regimented conditions.  I could’ve excelled in the military!  No.  Wait.  Not possible.  You can’t accessorize and wear lip-gloss 24/7.

At any rate…I thrive during the school year.  Maybe it’s the party throwing and gift giving.  Or maybe it’s the luxury of drinking HOT coffee as opposed to dishpan cold coffee during the summer months due to constant interruptions.  Whatever it is…I dig it.

It’s all bittersweet though, really.  This is Cali’s last year at her school.  After this year, she’ll be transitioning on to “Big Kid School”…and I can hardly think about it.  I’m kind of attached to the place.  I can’t even talk about this being our last year without wussy tears.    But I must suck it up!  Noone likes a cry baby.

So.  Here’s our first-day candids.  I’m noticing that with each year, her choice of clothing, shoes and accessories becomes more bizarre.  Hm.  Wonder where she gets THAT from?


2 Responses

  1. Ah yes…I used to dread the start of school because we had so much fun hanging out. But now, of course, we are *here* in this desolate place and I found myself wishing I could go to school with them! I guess I solved that one, but I must protect the writing time, too. Let’s get together soon…maybe hit Elements! We’ll grab Sharon and fill our tanks…

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