It Ain’t Schizo, People!

A couple of nights ago I mused aloud…”Hm.  I wonder what my ‘creative process’ looks like from the outside looking in?”

“Like you’re schizo.”

Yeah.  Thanks for that, Husband.  But I got thinking…it probably DOES look kooky if you don’t know what’s going on.  So to keep the men with butterfly nets and white coats at bay, I shall expound upon my process.

It’s not complicated, really.  It USED to be until I realized that instead of my cycles working against me…I needed to make them work FOR me.  So.  When I’m on the upswing, I work with my hands and attend numerous social engagements.  When I’m on the down-swing, I write and cocoon.  It’s the perfect situation for me, actually.  Not so much for those who want to be involved with me on a personal level.  Which is why I keep a small tight-knit group of friends in lieu of a horde of acquaintances.  My peeps know the drill.  At least I HOPE they do.  If I’m quiet, not answering my phone and less social…rest assured much is being done in the literary sense and it’s nothing personal.  I’m not laying in a pit of depression sucking my thumb and cursing the gods.

So…if you’ve been paying attention…I’ve been hauling hiney on all things hands-on for the past couple of months.  Crafts, embroidery, painting, etc.  Then an abrupt halt and nothing.


It’s not a gradual curve.  It’s brakes to the floor, switch cars and go full throttle in the opposite direction artistically.  So there’ll be a whole lot more writing going on blog-wise.  I’m working with the book “3 a.m. Epiphany” and that dude has some WHACK writing exercises.  All formulated to help you write better fiction.  I’ve got this Young Adult fantasy fiction story spinning around in my noggin that I’ve just begun to get out onto paper and screen.  I figured since I barely even READ fiction…I’d better take all the assistance and suggestions I can get.

I came across a bunch of stuff I’d written a year or so ago…things written from random writing prompts.  I’ve started doing that again and will post them here.  Don’t even try to critique them.  It’ll just make you cry and question your upbringing.  It’s meant to unleash creativity…not sit within the confines of a stuffy literary fwah fwah box ‘o rules and regulations.


4 Responses

  1. Why has it never occurred to me to go WITH my swings instead of trying to break out of them.

  2. Umm, does this mean I missed my window for party planning and costume making? You know how I feel about crafting. Decorating, good. Crafting, bad. It’s a fine line to walk, I know, but that’s how I live my life.

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