33 Angry Miners

Certainly by now you’ve heard of the 33 Chilean miners trapped over 4 miles beneath the earth’s surface, finally found after 17 days of searching.  The entire country of Chile is partying in the streets, celebrating the miraculous find.  And rightly so!  I’m sure the buried miners are having a party themselves, dreaming of uniting with family, children, parents, pets.  No doubt they see rainbows!

Now, what’s going to be interesting is when they find out it’s gonna take AT LEAST four months to get them out.  I don’t think they know that yet.  A psychologist said telling them now would be equivalent to reaching the top of Mt. Everest, then pushed off the side.  I’m racked with curiosity.  Where do they go potty?  33 men?  One man is enough to stank up an entire house…can you imaging that times 33?  Nay.  I cannot.

Davitt McAteer, who was assistant secretary for mine safety and health at the US labour department under President Bill Clinton, says they should all emerge in physical fine shape.  Yeah, but what about mental?!  Someone is going to nut up down there.  I truly hope they can come out of there, completely united as brothers.

But the miners’ plight has drawn parallels with the story of 16 people who survived more than 72 days in the Andes mountains after a 1972 plane crash.  And you know what happened there, right?  Yeah, they ate their dead friends to survive.  I’m sure when you’re in that type of situation, your  limbic brain system takes over and it becomes survival of the fittest.  Who’s to say we wouldn’t do the same thing?  What if one of those miners starts to see his buddy looking like a piece of fried chicken?  It sounds funny, but I’m being serious!

Apparently psychologists and Chilean officials are well aware of this potential nightmare and have a plan to keep the miners highly informed and busy.  I hope everything ends well.  This planet could use a pick-me-up about right now.


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