Pastor Terry Jones: American Radical Christian

What to say, what to say.  There’s so MUCH to say, that it’s hard to say what I’m gonna say.  Let me begin by giving you the definition of ignorant.

Ignorant: A willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge which one may acquire and it is his duty to have.

In my every so humble opinion, I believe Terry Jones falls well below the line of ignorance.  For one thing, that handlebar walrus lip-brow thing he’s got going on has “atrocious and sad” written all over it.  He looks like the badly played Christian version of that American Chopper dude….Paul Teutul, Sr.  Have a look-see for yourself:

Paul Teutul…

Crazy Koran Burner Christian Man…

Now that I’m looking at them side-by-side…the Pastor looks like he might have a drinking problem.  Suspected drinking problems aside, here’s a true and fact-checked list of some feathers in his dunce cap:

* He’s an ex-hotel manager.  (Probably one that took payment behind plexi-glass…no checks…cash ONLY.)

* Spent 30 years in Germany as a missionary.  I’m not sure what his actual “Mission” was.

*  Sent his kids, ages 10 and 15, to school wearing t-shirts that read, “Islam is of the Devil.”  They were sent home for violating the dress code.

*  Jones tromps around the “pristine” grounds of his Dove Outreach Center with a .40 caliber pistol hog-tied to his hip.  Apparently most of his congreation tote weapons around too.  Death threats, ya know.

*  Jones says the prospect of a gunfight breaking out at the impending Burn-a-Koran rally doesn’t faze him in the least.

*  Jone’s daughter from his unfortunate first marriage, Emma Jones, told the Gainesville Sun in an interview last year:

“They used mental violence; they’d say, ‘If you’re not obedient, God will punish you.'”
Apparently Emma believed her Pop’s religion was nothing but a cult.
*  Jones and his wife, Sylvia, own TS & Company…an eBay store where they sell furniture, professing (and I quote):

“We are a Christian Company : That is shown in the Business, Mentality, Motivation, Vision and Service of TS & Company.”

Once again, Emma busted out her Pa by informing the press that most of the money went right back into their pockets and all they seemingly cared about was how much you were working and pulling in.

*  Jones gets a kick out of selling his book “Islam is of the Devil” along with matching t-shirts and mugs.

*  Jone’s banking institution (unnamed) has demanded immediate repayment of the $140,000 balance on the church mortgage.

*  As of Sept. 7, 8,663 people had become fans of the International Burn a Koran Day page on Facebook.

Jones wholeheartedly believes Islam promotes violence and that Muslims want to impose sharia law in the United States. (Please see definition of ‘Ignorant’ at top of page.)

Jones previously told that he planned to burn “a few hundred Korans” in a bonfire on church property. He’s expecting a crowd of “several hundred” but believes others will burn the books on their own.  Sure.  No doubt.

Riddle me this, Mr. Jones…

How would it make you feel if I dressed up like a Muslim and announced that I’d be burning 5,000 Bibles on December 25th?

Perspective, sir…..perspective.


One Response

  1. Well done as always. Maybe he with this publicity, he can get more customers for his stuff. His 15 minutes of fame has been marked down to 9.95

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