Irresponsible Party Planning 101

While the responsible writers and bloggers have been informing the world of current events and happenings, I’ve been armpit deep in a gross display of party planning extravagance that borders on the obscene.  My daughter and her BFF are having a “Princess & Knights” party in tandem and we, the mothers, have went and lost the good sense God gave us.  My partner in party-plannery gives a HI-larious account of this debauchery over at Deep South Observations.

I, on the other hand, will merely post pics of what we’ve done so far.  Almost every single thing is handmade…the tutus, tunics, bouquets….HANDMADE, YA’LL!!!  The Other Mother has this whack notion of getting this party featured in Town & Country and every party-planning blog in the blogosphere.  God bless her.  The humidity done went and rendered her stupid.   Did I mention there will be real ponies at this party?

So here’s what our spoiled filthy little five year olds have to look forward to:


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  1. What wonderful memories for all!!!!

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