American Girl Made In China

Oh, don’t sit there and act like you’re shocked.  What chaps my backside is that these things are being made for 49 cents and sold for 2.5 million.  Okay, I’m exaggerating.  If you don’t want the doll coming in nothing but a pair of underpants, then you’d better buy some clothes.  And a brush.  Don’t forget the ear-piercing.  Or the bed.  Pet!  Don’t forget the pet!  She’ll need to have a recreational hobby, so you’ll have to stock up on all THAT.  Now you’re well over $200 pushing $300.  Ain’t kids grand?

I always took a little pride in knowing my daughter wasn’t one of “those” girls who liked dolls.  But guess what she begged Santa for this year?  Yeah.  An American Girl doll. *shudder*.  So because I’m a good mom and don’t want child protective services to claim I’m negligent, I went and bought the hussy.

Here she is:

You see any pets, clothes, ear-rings, shoes?  That’s right.  You don’t.  That’s because I went and bought every single American Girl sewing pattern at the 99 cents pattern sale last month.  And I double dog DARE someone to say something to me about it being tacky.  My likely response will be:

“Okay then, Ms. Tighty Hiney.  I would like you to escort me to the nearest ATM where I will kindly suggest that you withdrawal approximately $13,000, which you will immediately hand over to ME.  Then I’d like you to put gas in my car, pay my light bill, make sure tuition is covered for the month, groceries are in the pantry and there’s enough gas in my lawnmower.  No, no!  Wait!  Where you going?  I’m not finished!  I need a ride in your 2010 Range Rover so I can go pick up my 1985 Tempo from the shop.  And I’d like you to go ahead and take care of that bill too.  Ooh, girl, I like your shoes!  They ain’t Payless is they?”

Yeah, something to that effect.  But you know what?  Kids are cruel.  And if a kid is cruel, their mother is usually MORE cruel.  So if it’s the kid that makes the tacky accusation, I’ll demand he/she go fetch their mama up out the manicure chair.

But hey!  I can’t say ALL bad things here today!  Why, the American Girl give advice, doncha know!  They solve problems!  They keep families together!  They bring the love with the receipt!  It’s not the actual dolls giving the advice…it’s their owners.  Because they’re obviously brilliant.  Here’s an example…and I’m not making this up, people.  It came right off the American Girl website.  So Merry Christmas and happy shopping!  When’s the rag doll gonna come back?!

My older sister is mean to me when her friends are over but nice to me when they’re not around. What should I do?
-Sad Sister
Your sister probably just wants to be alone with her friends. When she has her friends over, you should invite your own friends over so that you don’t feel left out. I hope this helps!
-Morgan, age 10, New Jersey 

Leave your sister alone when she has her friends over. Instead, bake cookies, watch a movie, or invite your own friends over. If your sister’s friends want snacks, bring them up for your sister.
-Kimberly, age 12, New Jersey

Why don’t you try to get to know some of your sister’s friends? Whenever they are at your house, try playing a game with them and your sister. Then maybe your sister will be nicer to you when her friends are around.
-Brianna, age 11, New York

Talk to your sister. She might just be avoiding you, because she thinks you’ll embarrass her when she’s around her friends. Try to do something alone for a while. When she sees that you won’t embarrass her, she’ll probably let you join in on the fun.
-Jessica, age 12, North Carolina

I have similar problems with my siblings. I try to stay out of their way, but I still try to be a good host and offer them food or drinks. That always makes them happy, and I’m sure your sister will get off your back.
-Helen, age 10, Maryland

Talk to your sister about it, and your parents as well. Have a family meeting and share how you feel.
-Hope, age 11, Texas

Don’t be sad! Your sister probably thinks it’s “cool” to make fun of you or tease you, even though it’s not. I’m sure she knows it’s mean, but she doesn’t know how to be nice to you around her friends. She may feel pressured to be mean to you. Try to take her aside and tell her how you feel. Or if you’re too shy to talk to her, write her a little note telling her how you feel.
-Hanna, age 12, California

I know how you feel, because my sister does the same thing! What I do when my sister is being mean is hang out with my mom. It’s so much fun. Remember that the only reason your big sister does that is because she wants to hang out with her friends alone.
-An American girl, age 10, Georgia


4 Responses

  1. “Swindler” is right!!! I’ve been trying to keep up with these other spoiled kids (whose moms are crazier about the dolls and accessories than the kids, and act like complete lunatics when you say you didn’t buy something). I give up! There are other clothes out there that fit the Chinese made doll. I just wish I could sew then I would want those patterns as well.
    I salute you, rebellious friend!

  2. Are you sure those kids are only 10, 11, and 12? Cuz im not . . .

  3. I forgot all about American Girl Dolls. When I was a kid I had the pioneer one, but I’m sure now they probably have eighty more of them.
    Totally made in China.
    Good for you for making the clothes.
    And yes, I am checking out your blog for the first time and loving it, in case you’re curious about the abundance of my comments.

  4. As i Chinese,i feel sorry for that..
    some chinese manufacturers simply think that it’s cool to put English words on cloth,regardless of the meaning of those words.
    the worst i saw is”work hard like you blow me baby.”which is on the back of a boy’s T-shirt…

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