Persnickety Kids

Yeah, you thought I was insulting snobby children didn’t you?  Me?!  For heaven’s sake no!  I was referring to one of my favorite children clothing designers that makes the clouds and rain scoot away.  Well, for ME anyway.

The clothing is designed by Corrine and she originally started the company to help kids in need.  And you know I’m all about that.  For every item of clothing sold, one is given to a needy child.  A most fabulous way to “pass it on”.

Okay.  I think my kid is cute.  I really do.  But Corrine’s children (who she uses as models) are so ridiculously beautiful it hurts your eyeballs.  HURTS them. I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting these pics…but I’m linking them back to you, Corrine!

You can find more pics and hear from Corrine over at her blog.  Let me also say that Corrine has 5 kids.  Five.  I have ONE and I can barely get a button-hole sewn.  And if I DO complete it, it’s all jacked up because Cali decided it’d be happy-funny to shut my sewing machine off mid-stitch.  Yeah, hilarious.

So if you’re interested in these frilly frocks of love, then please check out Persnickety’s.  Do yourself a favor and buy something…for a great cause!


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