Unflattering Celebrity Photos and Those Who Mock Them

Does something seem “off” to you here?  Or am I just being a judgmental diva?  Because I’m like that unmarried spinster of a nun from that kid’s book, “Madeline”.

“Something is not quite right!”

I was on a flight back to Atlanta, flipping through a gossip rag and saw this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker.  I was like, “My eyes!  My eyes!”  Then I was like, “HER eyes!  HER eyes!  Is she looking at me or you?  Me or you?  Me….or YOU?  I can’t tell.”

Dare I mention the whole “David & Goliath” issue she’s got going on there on her chest?  Dare I?  Well, I did.  Look at that mess.  You’d think that if you had the cash to get the baby feeders adjusted….you’d go ahead and take care of that nose ya got there.  Ew, I’m being mean.  Is it PMS week?

I know you were probably distracted by Jessica’s come-hither gaze and didn’t see who she was hugged up to in the picture.  Harry Potter.  Riddle me this…was he in possession of his magic wand?  And if so…why didn’t he do the poor girl a favor and hit her upside the head with it?!

Oh well…it’s better than having to feast your eyes upon Steve Buscemi, eh?


One Response

  1. I dunno, I’ve always thought Steve Buscemi was kind of hot, in a freaky sortof way.

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