So Scared of Santa That I Soiled Myself!

You know how after a world war of some type…they punish some of the leaders for crimes against humanity?  I think they should do that about one week after Christmas.  Round up all these nasty little Mall and Senior Living Center santas and do something to them that will make THEM cry and nearly soil themselves.  Then take a picture of it.  Now THAT would be funny.

Thanks to a strict religious upbringing, Santa visits were virtually non-existent in my house.  There’d be the occasional rogue Santa that would make his way into our lives, but we knew enough to steer clear of him, then pray for his forgiveness and sanctification.

What is the screening process for these Mall santas, exactly?  Does anyone know?  Are they required to keep their binge drinking to a minimum during Mall hours and encouraged to not disclose their criminal background?  Because….NEWSFLASH!  We can see ALL that…loud and clear!

Anyway…here are some shameful santas  and the traumatized children who will probably grow up and wet the bed well into their mid 30’s.

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One Response

  1. OMG i couldn’t stop laughing!! the pix are absolutely hysterical!!! LOL

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