Ted Williams: Homeless No Moe

So I didn’t win the lottery last night.   Obviously.  Do you really think I’d sit down to blog if I’d just won $355 million smackers?  Really?  By the time I’d hit ‘Publish’, someone would have already disarmed my alarm system, kicked down the door and shot me in the face.  Trust me….they’re out there, these kind of people.  The same folks who troll the newspapers for obituaries so they can have a burgle-fest while everyone is off mourning.  It’s a shame, really.  Obviously, these people weren’t breast-fed.

Anyway…in case you haven’t already seen/heard this…I’m posting it here.  I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio.  The intersection this dude is standing at is a hop, skip and jump away from the Geh-Toe.  Liquor store ever 3 feet and a crack-house between each liquor store.  So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 99.9% of the pan handlers you see around there are drunk with a cracked head.

So I’m sure hundreds of people went flying by this homeless man (Ted Williams) without giving him a second glance.  The newspaper must’ve been hard-up for news so they decided to interview the guy.  And you know the rest.  Uploaded, YouTube, viral, blah blah blah.

Ted may not have bought a lottery ticket last night….but he sure won one today!  Hopefully he can handle all the b.s. that comes with being ‘found’.  So I lift my Mucinex and generic brand bottled water (I’m sick, cheap and can’t drink alcohol) and give you a toast.

Talk on, brother….talk on.


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  1. TSA stopped Ted Williams from getting on his flight from Columbus to NYC. He didn’t have ‘proper ID’. So Ted spent the day at the Columbus Courthouse, trying to figure out how to get a copy of his birth certificate. Obviously he did have some form of ID, but the TSA wasn’t satisfied with it. OK – What are we going to do about this out-of-control phony security dance? These blockheads, however, are typical of our society. Follow the little rule book, and throw common sense out the window. Wrong. No little rule book takes away YOUR OBLIGATION TO THINK FOR YOURSELF. There are times you have to make an exception. That’s “the exception that proves the rule”. It’s like the traffic cop giving the mother of the little girl in a coma in Las Vegas a ‘jaywalking ticket’ – gave it to her right in the hospital. Or the policeman giving a ticket to the Dad who raced to the hospital while his wife’s water broke in the car on the way to the hospital in New Hampshire. RETRAIN EVERYBODY OR FIRE THEM.

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