A Man With a Cart of Meat

I’m confused.  No seriously.  CONFRUSED.  There’s a local grocery store that has “special” sales on Wednesday.  Ridiculously cheap meats, milk and cheeses.  A couple of years ago I came real close to knocking an elderly woman OWT for the last package of ground beef.  It was like stupid cheap.  Like maybe it wasn’t really ground “beef”.  Perhaps ground goat.  Who cares.  It was cheap and it was Meatloaf Wednesday.

ON A SIDE NOTE: When it’s Meatloaf Wednesday, this is how I serve the meal.  I’m not joshin’.  Seriously.  I took this picture of it.  Yummy, eh?

So today I’m primed and ready to go.  Ground goat AND 99 cent pork chops.  And slab bacon.  We like bacon.  I’d just loaded up my cart when I heard what sounded like mob chaos.  Naturally, if there’s chaos in the grocery store, I’m interested.  There was this group of people…some elderly, some middle aged…all clustered around a grocery cart that was being monitored by some dude in a hat.  I didn’t see an employee badge.  I heard questions being shouted out like it was a farm auction or something.  I was on my tippy toes trying to see what the hub-bub was all about.  I caught a brief glimpse.  It looked like a cart of meat to me.  Not fresh meat.  Weird meat.  Packaged meat.  There was some other stuff in there, but mostly meat.

Finally the man got sick of the questions and in a booming voice informed the mob:  “People, I don’t know the prices!  I’m just the meat man!”

Hm.  I backed up and went to see about some freezer bags.  It only took me about 20 seconds.  I wanted to hurry back to the meat mayhem.  But there was nothing.  As if the meat man and his cart of fun had never been there.  All the people were gone too.  Like vapor.

It’s nagged at me all day, this meaty confusion.  I took a melatonin to help me sleep tonight…mainly to fight off any impending meat dreams.  I don’t really know how to wrap up this post.  How ’bout moving meat?  Hm?  How ’bout it?

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3 Responses

  1. always enjoy your posts….

  2. THAT was hilarious! Yet, I have this sudden craving for hamburger now…

  3. I hope the meat man took some melatonin, too. I’m wondering if he delivered a cart to Lady GaGa’s designer.

    A dear friend of mine has “Old Meat Week” once a month. She gets deals on meat and throws it in her freezer until she can’t tell what it is anymore. I always pray she and her husband don’t invite me and my husband over for dinner that week. But, then, she still has all four of her kids. So far.

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