Big Pharma Killed the Mom & Pop Shop


I don’t know about you, but I’m partial to the Mom ‘n Pop establishments over the Big Chain Monsters.  Just this past week, I went to my pharmacy to drop off some refills and was informed that they were no longer open and I would have to truck it down to Walgreens or CVS from now on.

WHAT?!  My pharmacy rocked!  It was like one of those old-timey places that seemed to have everything you needed.  If you needed to mail a letter, there was a post office desk  for your convenience.  Got a brat that won’t shut up?  They had a toy rack for all your worthless purchasing needs.  They answered the phone, “Hello, April!”, like some kind of  pharma-psychic phenomena.  If you were too sick (or lazy), they’d deliver the meds right to your front door for one dollar.  ONE DOLLAR!

The pharmacist was so familiar with me that he snatched a box of antihistamine away from me last spring because he knew that if I’d taken them, my blood pressure would have dropped, followed by ME dropping….all due to an interaction with the meds I was currently taking.

You don’t find that type of customer service anymore.  Shoot…some of these Big Pharma places would’ve probably snickered while ringing up my antihistamine….talking about, “Oh, THIS should be fun to watch!”

So when we were told our pharmacy had closed, my 5 year old daughter began to cry…”Where am I gonna get my little Coca-Cola’s at now?!”    Which made the pharmacist start to cry.  Which made my anxiety level raise to an unacceptable level.  I’m sad to say that my daughter won’t grow up knowing places like this.  It makes me realize that I should’ve appreciated those small-town stores while I had the chance.  Now I’m forced to shop in stores the size of Libya, where the cashiers are rude and customer service is non-existent.

It’s all quite sad, really.  Here are some throw-back vintage pharmacy ads that will make you want to rub some bourbon on your cranky baby’s gums and upper lip.


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  1. Don’t go to one of the big ones! I prefer Publix to Walgreens and CVS (shudder).

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