Brilliantly Cheap Chair Covers!

Here’s what confuses me.  Why in tarnation are bath towels and chair covers so flipping expensive?!  I’m talking about the chair covers for party times and weddings.  I shopped around last year for my daughter’s birthday party and nearly soiled myself at the sheer magnitude of the cost.  Even the rentals were stupid!

So I sat around for about a week looking like the “Thinker” sculpture.  I thought of everything…sewing them myself.  Uh no.  Too much work and stress.  Crepe paper.  Nah…too fragile.  Table covers?  Too slippery.  Pillowcases?  Hmm.  That could work.  That could work!!

So I went to Sam’s Club and bought a case of 24 white Riegel pillowcases for $30, then trotted over to Michaels and got a couple rolls of tulle ($10 each) and ran home with my fingers and toes crossed.  How ’bout the pillowcases were a perfect fit for your standard rental folding chair?!  Who knew?!  Plus they were mine to keep for future party times!

And here’s the final result!  On a side note, 90% of the party decor was loot from the Dollar Store!


2 Responses

  1. The end result is beautiful! I especially like the pink flags on the fireplace. And the pillowcases are a great tip!

  2. Oh this is FAB! Thank you for the idea, will def use it at my wedding if we decide to rent chairs 🙂

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