Government Shutdown + Crappy Economy = Armageddon

My husband is a political junkie and is fairly convinced that all this shutdown talk is a bunch of hooey.  Me?  I forsee a Tripoli-esque uprising with marches and victory gardens.  Husband sees the glass half full…..I don’t see a glass at all because I knocked it over already.

This morning I watched a military woman talking about, “Well, then I guess I’ll tell my three year old daughter that I’ll have to feed her retro-actively after I get paid.”

Okay, first of all….our military people and their families should NEVER be put in a position where their pay and livelihood gets screwed with by a bunch of self-centered political tools.  Truth be told, NO ONE should be put in that position.  Maybe all the people arguing over the budget should get docked while they fight it out.  No agreement, no paycheck.  I’ll bet bi-partisanship would solve all political problems in five minutes flat.

Now I’m hearing stuff about essential and non-essential government workers.  For some reason, I keep thinking about that scene in Schindler’s List…the one about the essential and non-essential Jewish workers.  Am I comparing this with the holocaust?  Not really.

I keep hearing all these pundits talking about “political theater” and how all this shutdown talk is a ruse and empty threat.  But by midnight tomorrow, 800,000 people may be without work and paychecks.  Okay, that’s a lot of people.  And out of those 800,000 people, the majority of them are at the middle to bottom of the paycheck food chain.  So one day of missed pay makes a serious dent in their lives.  Now, those making six figures tend to forget about these people.  The people who take out your trash and make sure you have a clean chair to sit your butt on everyday.  Or the ones who fix your food…the ones you never make eye-contact with because that would validate their existence.

Riddle me this?  Will welfare checks and food stamps still be issued?  What about those late tax refunds?  And did you know that the IRS will NOT be processing your return while their out twiddling their thumbs?  Well, now you know.  Of course, phones won’t be answered, customer service will be non-existent….not that it was stellar to begin with.  Then there’s the closing of our national parks….right about the time families are planning their frugal vacations that involve camping in lieu of hotels.

This is the time of year when things ease up on folks.  They’ve got a little spending money from their tax returns.  The weather is warmer, the sun is brighter.

In my mind, I see “Politics” as a grossly overweight man kicked back in a busted up La-Z-Boy, gnawing on a ham-bone, toes sticking out of worn and filthy socks, swollen belly hanging out of a dingy t-shirt.  Only now, the filthy slob is getting up out of his chair and coming in to our homes, picking through our fridges, taking our food, driving us out of our homes, stealing our debit cards and draining our bank accounts.

I can’t help but think what the rest of world thinks of us right about now.  I sense we’re being called a herd of jack-donkeys.  And I fear what this shutdown might do to the already-devastated people who have been walking against the wind for far too long already.

Could Americans pull off an uprising?


2 Responses

  1. My hubs (and therefore my family) is on this sinking ship. To say that it sucks is also like saying the sun is hot. Also, the filthy Politics slob you described is also more than likely cheating on his wife, telling his kids that he had to miss dinner because he had to “finish up some things at the office.”

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