Pia Toscano: Another Casualty of Ignunt Voters

Just yesterday, prior to last night’s American Idol episode, I told Husband that I didn’t think Pia was going to make it much farther.  Not that I didn’t think she deserved to….because it’s obvious the girl has some mad skills.  I said this because of the voter demographics.  These are the same kids who made Jersey Shore the most popular show in the history of MTV.  So their taste and opinions are highly questionable.

Young girls these days are flat nasty.  By ‘nasty’, I mean catty….mean….haters.  Unless your eyeballs are covered in acidic residue, you can see that Pia is drop-dead gorgeous.  She’s also a bit on the reserved side.  This is no doubt interpreted as  “stuck-up, triflin’ heffer”.  This could’ve resulted in a mass texting, vowing to get rid of “HER”.  I’m telling you….these girls are ruthless.  Just sayin…..

I also think it rather cruel to tell a person they have been rejected by thousands, then hand them a microphone and tell them to sing about it.  If I were the one voted off, I’d pop Ryan in the face with the mic and head on home to promptly blog about Jacob’s crush on Casey and how Naima threatened to take Ashthon outside and beat the brakes off her.  Yeah, I’d spill all the dirt.  Screw a contract.

Anyway…it’s a shame to see Pia go.  Now we have to watch that little rat-bag Stefano for another week.  I’m gonna vote my hiney AWF next week.  I suggest you do too.  Don’t let these ignorant whipper snappers make all of us brilliant masters-of-life look like dim-wits with no moral compass.


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