The Stain

The Stain

(Written by April Trice)

A web of lies at birth was given.
A birth name changed, no reason given.
One mother gave.
One mother got.
And in between, there was a spot.

A spot, a stain.
You pick, your choice.
But deep inside there was a voice.

A voice unsure, terrified.
A voice spinning stories
Perceived as lies.

The voice got louder.
More grating, more knowing.
And underneath the stain,
A soul now glowing.

A fragile soul, peering outside.
A world so frightening.
A world so wide.

So with her voice,
The stain made sound.
An injured soul, still underground
Never quite good enough, seemingly failing.
The stain, now defeated
Began her fading.

The glow grew fainter.
The voice, but a whimper.
Once seen, now is gone.
What was, now is vapor.

So much potential, yet so much shame.
Prevented the stain from having her day.
Under the sun, washed clean of the sin.
Left alone for awhile
This stain, she did dry.

A stain no more, the tears have been cried.
A gentle glow begins inside.
Inside the skin that’s barely there
A new voice grows.
Can you hear her there?

She’s speaking now.
In quiet, she hides.
Slowly beginning to walk outside.

A sun so bright.
A world so enchanting.
This voice with this glow sees a life in the making.

So hush now, child….rest your head.
The old stain is gone.
A new me instead.
And with this voice, I’ve a story to tell.

A web I will weave.
A web I know well.


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