Who Is She?


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  1. i enjoy your posts – read them ALL….this altered book thing is something i have never heard of but i, too, am loving it…..

  2. You’re my hero. Your ‘Pencil fight’ blog is the first I’ve ever read and i very much love it. I actually considered copying and pasting to my 3 day old blog but the mere fact that I could never really explain the complex rules of PF to any great degree foiled my plans. Oh, and your layout is amazing, with all those pics and whizzing dohickys-I think you actually gave me epilepsy, but in a ‘good’ way. Anyways, big fan, feel free to drop over to my lil baby blog (grabastool), I need all the help I get. Franky

  3. I’ve read only a couple of posts so far, and I have one word: OUTSTANDING! I most certainly bumped you on my blog. Yours is the kind of humor one wants on a daily basis. You’ve got talent. Real talent.

    Please keep it up. :o)

  4. So fresh and humorous! Thanks.

  5. Witty and humorous ..I’m saving your link on my bookmark page…right…about..N O W! 😀

  6. your blog is simply amazing, i love the posts, artwork and the photography is beautiful!

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